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Thurs 1 Feb

McBriar Corbett Founders’

The origin and history of the Field Geology Club

David Corbett
Founding President of the FGC

*Fri 23 Feb
10am–12 noon

Half day excursion

The South Australia Drill Core Reference Library and Data Metallogenica

David Groom

Thurs 1 Mar


Making minerals talk: the value of earth materials in solving criminal investigations  

Prof Rob Fitzpatrick

 Sun 25 Mar

Full day excursion

Old and cold: Permian glaciation on the Fleurieu Peninsula

Bob Major

Thurs 5 April


Interpreting past environments
SciPub style meeting

Students from the Sprigg  Geobiology Centre

Sat 7 to Wed 11 April

5-day excursion

Robe and the Coorong: Lagoons, dunes and stories of climate changes

Cynthia Pyle, Steve Elsby, Frances Williams

Thurs 3 May


Dynamic Mars

Assoc Prof Vic Gostin and Dr Mark Bishop

*Thurs 31 May

Full day excursion

Brukunga Mine rehabilitation project and the old Almanda Mine

John Mignone and Cynthia Pyle

Thurs 7 June
7.00 pm start

Ralph Tate Memorial Lecture

How has Australian mammal evolution been shaped by environmental change over the past 25 million years?

Prof Gavin Prideaux
Flinders University

Sat 23 to Sun 24 June

Weekend excursion

Geology, mines and history in the Truro and Kapunda regions

Cynthia Pyle, Steve Elsby, Frances Williams

Thurs 5 July

Brian Daily Memorial Lecture

Remarkable Cambrian fossils from Kangaroo Island

Assoc Prof Jim Jago
Uni of SA

Sun 29 July

Half-day excursion

Astronomy in comfort: visit to the Adelaide Planetarium.

Paul Curnow

Thurs 2 Aug


From matching coastlines to plate tectonics: a scientific detective story.

Frances Williams
Uni of Adelaide

Sun 26 Aug

Full day excursion

Mouths, spits and dribbles: an excursion to the Murray estuary

Prof Bob Bourman
Uni of Wollongong

Thurs 6 Sept


Reconstructing the behaviour, diet, and life of Neanderthals using ancient DNA

Dr Laura Weyrich
Centre for Ancient DNA

Sat 8 to Thur 13 Sept

6 day excursion

The Victorian Grampians

David Grybowski & Steve Elsby

Thurs 4 Oct


Remote sensing: observing the earth from space

Prof Megan Lewis
Uni of Adelaide

Sun 28 Oct

Full day excursion

The Noarlunga Embayment: finding a fault, fossils and evidence of ancient sea level changes.

Cynthia Pyle, Steve Elsby, Frances Williams

Thurs 1 Nov

AGM and members’ night

Fri 9 Nov

Annual Dinner

Sat 24 Nov


Meetings commence at 7.45 pm unless otherwise indicated. All except the June meeting will be preceded by a hands-on rock and mineral workshop, starting at 6.30 pm.
* These two excursions will be held on a weekday as the Core Library and Bruckunga Mine are not open on Sundays. The programme committee apologises if this inconveniences some members.

Meetings begin at 7.45 pm unless otherwise stated. Each meeting, except September 7th, is preceded by a rock and mineral workshop, commencing at 6.30 pm. All are welcome to attend.

Monthly meetings usually begin at 7.45 pm, in the Mawson Lecture Theatre, Dept. of Geology, University of Adelaide, corner of Frome Road and Victoria Drive, unless otherwise notified .